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Fierce and Femme Journal is not just a journal; it's a transformative experience designed exclusively for women who are on a journey of self-expression, self-improvement, and self-discovery. Our journal is thoughtfully crafted to provide women with the tools they need to express themselves, set goals, and cultivate positive habits.


What sets Fierce and Femme Journal apart:

1.    Monthly Prayers and Scriptures Nourish the spirit and find guidance in daily life.

2.    30-Day New Habit Challenges Cultivate positive habits and achieve personal growth.

3.    Goal Setting Empower your customers to set and achieve meaningful goals.

4.    Budget Tracker Take control of finances with a practical and user-friendly tracker.

5.    Period Tracker A useful tool for women's health and wellness.

6.    Shadow Work Prompts Encourage self-reflection and emotional healing.

Fierce & Femme Healing Journal Digital

$25.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
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